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Hi darling, let me guess… you are here because:

  • you want to turn your creative passion into business
  • you already have one, but want it to grow better
  • you’re simply tired with your day job? (or even hate it?)
  • you’re bored staying at home and want to contribute and do more for your family
  • you want some fresh ideas and insights on creative passion and doing something different with your life

Whichever category you are in, welcome to the right place 🙂

Hi, I’m Aprisa, a self-taught pattern designer who’s been through all above. I help creative business owners (and wannabes) finding their creative voice and cultivating them into a thriving business. 

Before jumping to creative field, I worked one place to another with medical and IT degrees in hand. Having a creative lady boss heart since my very early days, I opened my first design shop and nailed my first design day job without any degree, without applying to the job. Since then I have inspired and motivated many women in my life to pursue their creative passion.

My creative career journey hasn’t always been a smooth road. I’ve failed and cried (A LOT!), but here I am. My creative business is buzzing and expanding, I’m making more artworks, and growing happier day by day.

If you have a dream, passion, want to do something else with your life, or simply want to feel better about yourself, you can 🙂

What do you love?

Passion is not passion until you create something, until you struggle and fight for it. Because passion is a mixture of love and efforts, and most of time, a lot of efforts.

We Bloom and Grow is a warm place where you can learn how to grow your passion into a business seriously (because business is a serious commitment) and how to live a life doing what you love while fulfilling your place in this world. Because to live fully is to live a life full of passion.

Is this for me?

Oh, good question! If you…

  • Have passion to something or a creative hobby,
  • Want to start your own business,
  • Wish to switch to other career path, OR
  • Own a small and unsuccessful business

Check out these stuffs to get started

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Hourly Rate Workbook


Want to know how much each of your work hour values? This workbook will help you decide how long you should work per day, how many days a week, and more.

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