What’s your creative business soul’s nickname?

What's your creative business soul's nickname | a fun quiz to find out who you're best be in a creative biz | We Bloom and Grow


Have you ever looked at how many roles you’re playing in your life?

A mama, a daughter, a sister, a crazy wife (wait, is that me?), a Disney princess at heart, a daddy’s little girl, a clueless graduate, an aspiring artist? Now add your job or your business and it gets even more overwhelming.

Jeez, there are so many role you’re fulfilling just in one day. I myself am owning my little creative shop, working as a pattern designer, and now am a blogger.

But really, don’t you wonder, among these roles, which resonates best with you?

Check out quiz below and find your real super power, who you really are, and what you’re best to be (in creative business, obviously, because it’s what this blog is all about!). Have fun and max out your super power!

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